What People Are Saying

“You are incredible!”

— Stan Lee, creator of Spider-Man, the Hulk and Iron Man


“Your video had me at tears”

— Diane Warren, ten-time Oscar nominee


“I can see Robert Pattinson as Batman after this trailer”

— Steve Alten, New York Times best-selling author of ‘The Meg’


“Great hype video!”

— Dancing Astronaut


“PewDiePie vs. T-Series rivalry gets the epic YouTube movie trailer it deserves”

— The Daily Dot


“If you ask us, this is the Venom trailer we’ve been waiting for”

— Syfy.com


“This trailer has us more excited about the notion about Robert Pattinson as Batman”

— Eric Diaz, Nerdist.com


“Swedish House Mafia have succeeded in building hype for their reunion. In case it hasn't worked on you quite yet, though, this trailer likely will.”

— EDM.com

“Venom 2: Fan-Made, Carnage-Filled Trailer is Crazy Fun”

— CBR.com


“Epic trailer”

— We Got This Covered


“You’re really talented”

— Variety.com


“Incredibly impressive trailer”

— We Got This Covered


“Amazing trailer”

— Dexerto.com


“Literally chills the whole video”

— Comment on ‘Swedish House Mafia Trailer’


“This is stunning. Just marvelous. Chills”

— Comment on ‘17 Years of SpaceX’


“Truly astonishing, it really captures the company's motive and character”

— Comment on ‘16 Years of Tesla’


“Eye watering video. It's truly a great and astonishing video that shows your talent and creativity at its best”

— Comment on ‘16 Years of Tesla’


"Excellent work. I was at the edge of my seat at the end"

— Comment on ‘Venom Trailer’


“Perhaps someone at Sony will get a look, and use this as inspiration for future trailers”

— Screenrant.com


“This is the most epic thing I've ever seen”

— Comment on ‘PewDiePie Trailer’

“Really well done video!”

— EDM.com


“This trailer looks amazing!”

— We Rave You


“Spider-Man Becomes Venom in Excellent Fan Trailer

— Michael Walsh, Nerdist.com


“Wow! This is really clever”

— Digitaltrends.com


“I find myself drawn to this trailer for the way it tries to repair a vision that seems missing”

— Gizmodo.com


“This Swedish House Mafia trailer will get you hyped for their first reunion show”

— We Rave You


“This fan trailer shows exactly how exciting, fun, and dark Venom could turn out to be”

— Emily Donn, Screenrant.com


“Fan-Made 'Fortnite' Movie Trailer Mashes Up Different Films for Live-Action Goodness”

— Comicbook.com


“This makes for a Much Better ‘Venom’ Trailer”

— Bloody Disgusting


“Better Than The Official Teaser”

— Comicbook Movie


“Excellent message”

— EV Network


“Exhilarating video”

— X Auto World


“Sent shivers down my spine”

— Comment on ‘Swedish House Mafia Trailer’


“A masterpiece. Thank you”

— Comment on ‘17 Years of SpaceX’


“This could be an ad on TV. I'm shoked by your editing skills!”

— Comment on ‘16 Years of Tesla’


“That was truly one of the best videos I’ve ever seen”

— Comment on ‘16 Years of Tesla’


“You should be hired to do the actual Carnage movie. This is freaking awesome!”

— Comment on ‘Venom 2: Carnage’ Trailer


"Sony should hire you to do the trailers and tv spots"

— Comment on ‘Venom Trailer’


“When I watched this I thought it was the actual trailer. It was that good”

— Comment on ‘Venom 2: Carnage’ Trailer



— Comment on ‘16 Years of Tesla’